Tue. Jun 18th, 2019

All about Using Product Keys for Activating Windows 10

After the lukewarm response to Windows 8.1, Microsoft probably decided to go back to the basics with Windows 10. There is no denying that Windows 10 offers a feel that’s very similar to that of Windows XP and Windows 7, but of course, with changing times, the features and inclusions are better. When Windows 10 was initially launched in 2015, it was offered as a free update for a few months, but if you want to shift now, you must buy a Windows 10 product key first.

In this post, we are discussing everything about product key that you need to know.

The basics

Microsoft allows you to download and install Windows 10 on your desktop or laptop without a purchase. However, to activate it and get access to full features and options of personalization, you must get a product key, which is unique to every laptop/computer. In simple words, the product key is a license to use Windows 10 authentically, and keys have been a standard feature of Microsoft products for the longest time. With the product key, Microsoft ensures that Windows 10 is being used legitimately and on one system only, as intended.

Buying a product key for Windows 10

For those who are unfamiliar with Windows 10, there are two basic versions or editions that you can consider – Home and Pro. The Pro version is designed and meant for businesses, and therefore, you get more features, especially in aspect to security, on this one. Product keys are unique to the versions. For example, if you have downloaded Windows 10 Pro key, you cannot use it for activating the Home version. As such, make sure that you have installed the right version of the OS and have purchased the product key corresponding to it.

Other things to know

Windows 10 can be activated easily from the settings section, but check again if the product key is genuine. Keep in mind that the Windows 10 product key is a onetime investment, so you don’t have to spend time and again. The key, once used for activation, will ensure that you get the necessary updates that Microsoft offers for Windows 10 from time to time. The same Windows 10 key cannot be used for two different systems either.

As for activating Windows 10, just check the Settings section and find the option of “Update & Security”, where you will another choice for activation.