Mon. May 20th, 2019

Choosing the Right Test Automation Tool!

Automated test tools have been around since a long time now. To test the programming of a software, an application or a website, the automation tools assist in a pre-coded mechanism without the need to program a test again and again.

Test automation tool ease the task of the developer as it quickly reads through the program and emphasizes on the performance lacks. There is no need for customized frameworks to put it into process. When choosing an apt tool for your design, there are certain criteria to judge on!

Filter down your requirements

Rather than looking for a super effective automated tool for scanning opt for a specialized one. It isn’t possible for a single tool to run through the program and highlight all the essentials at a go! Filter down the necessities that are important to you and select a tool that best fits your requirement. This way you are able to scrutinize the program on important aspects and the results too are highly accredited. With less dynamics to work with the tools shall provide a better review!

Judge the automation capability

There are several operational assessment aspects of the automation capability. These are technical, ROI, functional, accessibility etc. Start with a checklist of your own to evaluate which aspects does the automation tool covers on. It helps analyze if the tool is able to assist in the automation of all round judgment of the application or only covers certain aspects. A specialized one will cover a section while an all round tool will bring about 360 degree coverage!

Trial and error methods

There is never going to be a full-proof tool for your use designed ever! The tools readily available will serve only about 80% of the things you require to be automated. Therefore one should save time and make use of these automated tools to at least get 80% surety on the use. Filter down the use and accept what you are getting. With new possibilities you can again look up for better tools in the future to scan through the other aspects of your program. Consider using an easy and reliable model.

A test automation tool should be simple and able to automate API and UI with the same flow. It should be technologically advanced and fast enough to beat the customized frameworks that exist today. It should be able to keep up with latest developments and easy to maintain too.