Mon. May 20th, 2019

Different Types Of VGA Cables You Must Know About

A VGA cable works on the fundamentals of pairing any analog monitor to computers and projectors. It makes a use of HD-15 male or female connectors and is also known as video graphics array. The connectors have 3 rows 15 pin assembly that helps in removing as much noise from signals as possible types. Besides, different VGA cables are used for different purposes and are of different lengths. When you buy a vga cable from or other similar companies, you not only get attractive discounts but also the guarantee of genuine products that are covered by a warranty.

4 Types of VGA Cables and Their Unique Features

To begin with, VGA cables are the safest bets because they are the most compatible cables that can be paired with ease with most computers, laptops, and HDTV’s. The 4 types that are listed below are the most popular kinds you might find useful.

  • Super VGA M/M CL2 Rated Cable for In-Wall Installation – This VGA cable offers a significant reduction in noise because it is made of 3 coax and 4 twisted wires that are double shielded. The connectors are gold plated and corrosion free with their ends made with ferrite that makes it almost impossible RFI and EMI to adulterate the signal. Moreover, the connectors are molded and the wire is extremely strong. Thus, it perfectly suits the pairing of high resolution analog display monitors.
  • High Quality 3ft Super VGA HD15 M/M Cable – This male to male VGA cable features molded connectors and the cable in itself is double coated in order to minimize the interference of noise with signals. More so, its connectors are corrosion resistant and the cable comes with a lifetime warranty when purchased from genuine stores.
  • High Quality VGA Extension Cable – With a sophisticated design, this VGA cable comes in different lengths like 10 feet and 50 feet. Since it is double shielded and the connectors are extremely resilient to corrosion, it keeps the signal strength high and noise interference low despite the signal has to travel a longer distance. Also, this is a male to female VGA cable that is compatible even with Macs.
  • SVGA M/M Plenum Rated Cable – This male to male VGA cable has a 26/28 AWG and is double shielded to cut down noise and intensify signal. It finds its real use in fire preventions through walls and air chambers. All the 3 wires of the 26 AWG cable make a use of 95 percent tinned copper braid for the purpose of protection. And the 4 wires of 28 AWG use aluminum and foil and tinned copper to minimize noise.