Mon. May 20th, 2019

How to Use CCTV Cameras to Monitor Manufacturing Processes?

Every business seems to be adopting the policy of CCTV surveillance for the protection of premises, employees, and valuables. Besides that, it is used to keep the staff in check. Other than protecting the business from vandals, thefts, and misconduct, CCTV cameras can also help in ensuring that the production lines in a manufacturing unit run smoothly. Though there might be some problems that you might come across like hacked password or compatibility issues, it’s easy to overcome all these and get the best out of these surveillance systems. Here’s how you can make the best use of CCTV systems for a manufacturing process.

Keep Your Premises Safe from Theft and Vandalism

A manufacturing unit can have plenty of goods worthy of stealing. It could be raw materials, finished products or even trade secrets. A CCTV camera system installed at different points can discourage theft, especially if it is in prominent view. Thieves rarely steal when they know they are being watched. In case the theft takes place, you have a means of identifying and prosecuting the wrongdoer.

Monitor Remotely with the Help of Network Video Recorder

A network of cameras should be supported by NVR. It lets you broadcast the footage from your surveillance system via internet. You can then check any camera at any time. This is particularly useful for large manufacturing units having varied units or processes. It also gives the security guards the freedom to patrol the premises rather than just sitting and watching the display monitors.

Make Quality Control More Efficient

Digital cameras have evolved a lot over time and the technology available now is useful even for improving the efficiency of the production processes. Surveillance can save time spent on the quality control procedures. The cameras can be installed at different angles to check the production quality and alert the supervisors of any discrepancy in quick time.

Provide Protection to Your Workforce

Potentially dangerous machinery can be monitored with surveillance cameras placed in their vicinity. The cameras would observe the automated machinery for the safety of processes. Any potential danger can be detected before it causes any harm. If the machinery needs employees to operate it, it becomes a cause for their security as well. This has been and will continue to be the main purpose of installation of CCTV cameras.

Choose Your Cameras Wisely

The cameras for different sections of the manufacturing facility should be chosen as per the designated need and purpose. You have the choice of box cameras or dome cameras; prominent cameras or concealed cameras. IP cameras required for the network are easy to install as compared to their analog counterparts. They just need to be mounted to establish a connection with the remote computer or recorder.

A surveillance system for a manufacturing unit can reduce the stress levels by making it easier to monitor the facility and take action on an urgent basis.